Player Profiles

2013-11-18_66 (Small)

Pete “Hilly” – President
Should have been a triple jumper, as his ability to produce a long hop is legendary, as are his many jokes. His jokes are like BBC1 at Christmas – A mass of repeats. Please see below Ladbrokes current odds for Hilly’s next joke appearance:

“Peace all over you” 1-2 (FAV)
“That could have gone anywhere, and it did!” 10-1
“69 that’ll take” 5-1 (Possible each way bet)
“I couldn’t afford to buy you anything so I’ve made a little something for you myself.” 11-8
“I’ve got a little something for you in the departure lounge.” 3-1

Langer 003 (Small)

Dom “Mao” – Chairman
This old timer turned pace bowler will have you quaking in your boots when he comes on to bowl. It has been said that he bowls the odd ball past 50mph on a good day, and, although he’s been trying for a good 30 years, still fails to get the cherry to bounce above waist height, even on concrete.


Phil “Grumpy” – Fixture Secretary + Groundsman
Guaranteed to take a wicket with every spell, Phil has developed his own unique spin bowling technique, “The back-spinner” which, for some unknown reason, often turns towards leg and sometimes towards off, for absolutely no reason. Phil has been organising the fixtures for over 300 years, and is the only man alive who has any idea as to why the Clyst St George game is a “Grudge Match”.


Cliff “My Little Pony” – Captain
Known for always making a game of it, even if it means we lose, Cliff has been Captain of the mighty Broadclyst for a good number of years now and always tries to make sure that everyone gets a game and often drops himself to let others play. Normally wears a cricket jumper that is 15 sizes to big for him and could quite easily fit himself, Lee and Sean in there with room to spare (what a thought!).


Ian “Hoops” – Treasurer
Leading run scorer in the 2014 season, Hoops is always guaranteed to make a respectable score, and hold an innings together. He’s had the yips with his bowling over the last couple of seasons, but has shown promise in the nets over the winter and may be given the nod by the captain this season to bowl, and fingers crossed, we could see the old wicket-taking Hoops that we all know and love.


Simon “Si” – Head Groundsman
Si has been our groundsman since the early 1800’s and treats the square as if it was his baby, spending endless days scarifying and mowing the square and the wicket and providing us with fantastic wickets that we are so grateful for; he really doesn’t get enough credit for all of the hard work that he puts in for the upkeep of the ground. He has been known to cut the entire square with a pair of scissors, individually measuring each blade of grass, to make sure that they are all of equal length.


Jim “Jimmy Tonne” – Secretary
Jim has for a long time been the quickest bowler in the club, and is another one who has been sold to and from Clyst St George multiple times. Jim has made 36 appearances for Broadclyst scoring 397 runs and taking 37 wickets, a true Broadclyst legend.


Mithun “Mithun Impossible”
Mithun burst onto the scene as our overseas professional in the 2010 season with his debut against Chumleigh, netting a double wicket maiden in his first over and finishing up with 3 wickets in his first game. Now back living in Calcutta, India, we wish we could afford his salary and bring him back. Always seen playing cricket in the spirit it should be played in.


Sean “Webby”
Sean has recently taken a break from cricket, but is now back with a vengeance and is ready to start taking wickets and scoring runs again. One of our few genuine all rounders, Webby is most often seen in slips, and is in charge of sticking his hand up when someone walks behind the bowlers arm. As seen in the picture, he has been credited with having 36 knocked off of an over, which we will never let him forget.


Lee “George Foreman”
The king of telling people what to do, Lee project managed the building of the wonderful new pavilion that we use today, and may I say what a great job he did. Lee is heavily involved with the cricket club, and I don’t know what we’d do without him. Known for “Going big or going home” when it comes to batting and can often be seen rolling a cigarette on the boundary in-between balls.


Steve “Stevie T” – Membership Sec
Some say Steve modeled his batting style on Babe Ruth, unfortunately ‘Babe’ didn’t play cricket. Steve’s ambition this summer is to make it onto the stats page, he’s not bothered which stat, any will do, even catches dropped, of which we’re sure there will be many. Failing that he’d be quite happy if someone were to let him drive the roller, or the mower, just once.

The Australian Cricket Board did not pick Steve for the Ashes series this summer, because he’s not Australian (we’re not sure if that was the only reason though). So we’re a little (un)lucky to have him here at Broadclyst CC. We did suggest that there were other more lucrative teams to play for, but he was having none of it. So that’s why we call him ‘whatshisname’ or ‘thingymebob’ or even Stevie Tea! It’s been a rocky road. Can often be seen rubbing tiger balm into absolutely anything.


Dave U “Urchy”
We managed to get Dave on a loan spell from Somerset CC early on at the start of the 2014 season, and we finally managed to clinch the deal for an undisclosed fee a few months later. Making cameo appearances behind the stumps on a number of occasions and opening the batting with style on a weekly basis, Dave has settled in nicely and really is one of the lads!


Hamish “Mishy”
A product of the youth academy, Hamish has come through the ranks, making his debut appearance for the 1st XI in 2012 and is easily the best bowler in his family. It has to be said that he’s a bit of an all rounder really, I don’t know where he gets it from. He can always be seen with a smile on his face and playing cricket in the spirit that it should be played in. “You’ve had a long turn”.


Rob “Roberto Mancini”
This fine specimen of a player, well known for his Lasith Malinga type bowling action, is a proper gent, and really loves his cricket. Now playing on a weekly basis (permission permitting), Roberto has developed his unique batting style over the winter, “Go big or go home”, which has really started to pay dividends at the crease and it’s only a matter of time before this young player hits his first 50 for the club.


Pete “NFI”
Pete is our premier pace bowler within the club and has been known to bowl 4 consecutive front foot no balls which is, as I’ve been told, a club record. “Yip”. We sold him to Clyst St George a couple of season’s back, but they eventually sold him back because he was too gobby.


Paul “Burnsy”
The legend of premeditation, Mr Burns can often be seen playing the forward defensive before the bowler has started his run-up, and has been known to take some unbelievable catches in the slips.

Also credited with the most bonkers dog in the south-west of England which goes by the name of Sid, who can be seen ripping great chunks of grass on the outfield on a weekly basis.

dave parker

Dave P “Nosey”
David is one of very few Englishmen, who can claim to have captained an English cricket win against the Aussies (Argyll Road v The Daggy Greens 2013). His spin bowling action is extraordinary and indeed unfathomable – how it even makes it down the track is beyond me, and thankfully beyond most opposition batsmen as well, as the number of wickets he takes testify. His smile is infectious win or lose. David is planning a short break in the 2015 season, which seems to coincide with a lot of cricket on the telly!


Philip – Website and Social Medias
Easily the best bowler in his family, and has been for decades. Catching is something that comes naturally to Philip, generally not falling over and dropping the ball. Whilst at batting, he is a wristy player. Indeed he is renowned for flicking one off the wrist and creaming it through the covers.


Ewan “Eeee Wann”
“The King of Swing” Ewan can often be seen with 4 slips and a gulley, terrorising the opposition with a mixture of pace and swing, taking 6-17 against Tale Millers CC earlier on in the season with an unbelievable display of bowling. He’s no mug with the bat either, scoring an impressive 24 against Thorverton with some nice shots through the covers.

Known with the reputation for winding people up, especially Hoops, (I know it’s not that hard) and with an impressive display of left-armed bowling in the nets during the winter, he is a true gent and is a great asset to the team.


Don “Iron Hands”
Humpers has been within the club for a great number of years before his departure last year during the January transfer window, where he was sold to the Isle of Man Cricket Club for an undisclosed fee.

Known by many as Iron Hands for his abilities behind the stumps, and his athleticism and enthusiasm that he displays is one to be desired. A proper nice guy and one we hope to once again grace the hallowed turf of Broadclyst in the near future.


Ken “Mr Ree” – Bar Manager
Known for his bread and pasty making abilities, Mr Ree burst onto the scene during the Mr Men tour as a ringer and no-one knew who he was, giving him the title “Mr Ree” (Mystery).

Now a regular in the first XI, Ken bowls a mixture of pace and spin and has been known to score a fair amount of runs in the past as well.

mike greco

Mike “Greco”
Probably the best thing since Bradman to walk the hallowed turf of Broadclyst. He has returned to Australia now but not before enjoying lots of good moments on and off the field with the Broady boys. In 2013 he returned to England with a bunch of Aussie cricketers and their WAGs, naming themselves the ‘Daggy Greens’, and won the inaugural Ashes 2-0. He continues to enjoy visits to England to catch a game with the club and enjoy the local ale.

john bathurst

Went to a rave in 2012 and came home yesterday, John is a great ladies’ man and knows very little about football, as he’s a Watford supporter. Thrown out of Wembley in 2013 at the Championship play-off final against Crystal Palace for shouting “Crystal Palace are rotters and pooey pants!”.


A proper nice guy, Mark famously knocked 60 runs against Central Brittany CC on the 2014 tour of France with a fine display of batting with Philip, which saw the two make a stand of 130 for the 5th wicket partnership. Engaged to John Bathurst, we wish the happy couple the best of luck for the future. Mark tried wine gums in an attempt to give up smoking, but couldn’t get them lit.

alan treacy

Signed in the January Transfer window of the 2004 season for an undisclosed fee from Nomads Cricket Club, taking 16 wickets in 14 matches at an average of 18.53, Alan is a top guy, regularly playing and captaining in our midweek team (Broadclyst Nomads) and scoring hat fulls of runs. Unfortunately, August of 2015 saw Qatar Cricket Club sign Alan for a record transfer fee (We didn’t want him to go!)

mike knight

Mike “Shaggy”
Making his debut in 2004, mike has since made 255 runs and taken 25 first class wickets for Broadclyst. A highlight of his career being the demolition job of Whiteparish CC in 2010 with figures of 7 for 47 which puts him up there as one of the best bowlers in the County.

Ed Rogers
Formally a gardener before turning Pro, Ed made his debut for the 1st XI in 2014 against Old Suttonians and has never looked back. His fielding, bowling and batting have improved enormously (and his mini tractor comes in handy sometimes too!). Ed struggles to walk to the Upton Pyne corner shop without being mobbed by paparazzi eagerly waiting to get a snap of the Broadclyst fast bowler, and really has put Upton Pyne on the map.

Ed Strong
Ed is a recent signing, picked up whilst wondering the wilds of Mid Devon looking for a charitable cricket club to take him on. Ed is showing great potential, in fact when asked about his potential as one of Devon’s finest, the great W G Grace once remarked ‘Who?’ Ed is finding his feet at the club and is beginning to understand the pitfalls of being the newbie at Broadclyst CC, particularly the new rule recently proposed whereby you should always buy your girlfriends uncle a drink after every game!